Life Philosophy

Hi! I believe in living life with optimism and kindness, and spreading it to others in any way we can.

Since I have the privilege of meddling with/creating art and design, I try to use my abilities as a voice for those often unheard.

Here are a few things I actively promote:

  • building community
  • respect, compassion, appreciation for all life forms
  • nonviolent communication
  • moral dialogue, reflection and consistency
  • intentional living
  • animal ethics and advocacy, especially in the food industry

Additionally, the amount of life, energy and beauty in the natural world inspires me, so often shows up as a theme in my art.

Here are some things I am exploring, or find intriguing:

Life Background

I grew up in Hong Kong amongst third culture kids in an international school, and graduated with a Studio Art degree in 2016 from a liberal arts college Carleton College while living in an intentional commune. Life is a continuous educational journey, which I am forever grateful for.

Right now, I'm living in and loving Minneapolis, MN, USA. It's an artistic mecca fortified by these amazingly strong communities and people — I find myself constantly inspired by those around me, and feeling lucky to be where I am. I currently work at the Walker Art Center and teach classes at Highpoint Center for Printmaking, promoting the arts scene among local communities in Minneapolis, as well as freelance design and art work commissions for local businesses and nonprofits.

On the side, I'm having a blast diving in with web design/development — currently tackling responsive web and mobile design and making things accessible. This site is actually under development for that, so excuse any weird bugs. If you see any in particular, please let me know, but there's a chance I'm probably already in the process of fixing them!

Reach out to me.

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